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Screen parameters


Basic screen characteristics are available on the Parameters tab on the Screens page. Here you can change the timezone, schedule, location of the screen, setup player to autorestart, and reconnect the player to the system.

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On the State tab you can view the information about the device which is connected to the screen including such characteristics as free disc space and player version.

Video stream from connected video device is available on the Live stream tab only with additional activation of CCTV option from City Screen.


You can change the timezone of the screen which uses the schedule of the playback.

But pay attention to the timezone of the screen (of the device itself), it should match the timezone you set in the parameters. Otherwise the playback of the schedule might not start and end on the time you expect.

Position on the map

In Parameters you can also change the position of the screen on the map in case the screen was relocated. To do that click Relocate on the map, pin new position of the screen and Save.

Reboot device

Reboot device is a preventative option to automatically reboot a controller device on which the player is installed. It can keep a device from freezing. If the option is enabled daily reboots will automatically perform at the indicated player device time.

Note: Some devices do not support automatic rebooting.