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CSPlayer installation on Windows

With City Screen, to play back the media content on a screen, you need to download and install the CSPlayer on the controlling device and connect the player to your City Screen account.

Here is how to install and setup CSPlayer on a Windows controlling device.


CSPlayer installation

To install the CSPlayer on a Windows device follow the instructions:

  • Download the latest version of the CSPlayer for Windows.

  • Launch the downloaded file on the controlling device. Click Install or Next and follow the instructions to complete the installation. It's crucial that you install the offered K-Lite Codec Pack and the C++ libraries for the correct work of the CSPlayer.

After the installation is completed, you can launch the CSPlayer and proceed to connecting this screen to your account.

Connecting screen to your account

You can connect the CSPlayer on your Windows device to your City Screen account via PIN.

To get the PIN:

  • Go to your account.

  • Select the screen (or create a new screen) on the Screens page.

  • On the Parameters tab find PIN generation and click Generate. A 6-digit PIN will appear.

image alt text

To connect a screen to your account:

  • Go to your controlling device and launch the CSPlayer. A Select Region window opens.

  • Select region GLOBAL. image alt text

  • Then enter the generated 6-digit PIN into CSPlayer and log in. image alt text

Wait for the CSPlayer to start. When it starts, it's connected to your account and ready to play the content.