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Copy campaigns

You can copy a campaign to quickly create an exact copy of a campaign with the same settings and the same ads. All the settings can be edited before you activate a copied campaign.

You can copy any campaign with Auto by frequency strategy, including stopped, completed and archived campaigns. Campaigns with Manual, Programmatic, Auto by triggers strategy can not be copied.

If you copy an archived campaign with no saved ads - because Deletion period for archived media content has expired and the ads were deleted - then this campaign will be copied without ads.

To copy a campaign, go to this campaign on the Advertising page, then click Copy campaign on the campaign's page. image alt text

When you click this button, a copied campaign is created in Drafts and its Settings page opens, so you can edit campaign settings before activating it.

Note: Don't forget to click Save before you activate a campaign, otherwise the changes will not be saved.

Once you activate a campaign, you can generate a new media plan for the campaign to be played back on screens.