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Managing users

CityScreen is a multi-user system. It allows to distinguish user access within the service and to audit user conduct. If you have several employees and want to limit their access permissions you may create user accounts within your company and assign roles to them.


Creating users

To create a new user account go to the Users page, then click on the Create user button.

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Then follow the steps:

  • Fill the mandatory fields;

  • Assign user role;

  • Click Save to complete.

Newly created users are added to the list of users and have the Active state by default.

Active users can sign in to the service with the e-mail and password you provided them.

You can edit user account information, activate banned or ban active user account to forbid access to an account if, for example, he is no longer a member of your company.

Assigning user roles

A role defines user access to view certain information and make certain changes in the service.

Types of user roles:

  • Admin has unlimited access;

  • Ad Manager has access to perform changes related only to advertising but can’t transfer screens or create new users.

  • Observer has the same access as Ad Manager, but in the view only mode and can't make changes in the system.

To change user role click Change personal information on the User's page, select a role and save the changes.

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