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A filler is a type of campaign which automatically fills vacant timeslots in the playback with filler ads, i.e. self-promotions. It's intended to display media content instead of displaying nothing (black screen) when the air time on screens is not filled up completely. Filler ads don't interfere with the main playback.

There are two types of filler campaigns – the simple Filler and an adjustable campaign with Filler by frequency strategy. Of those two types of fillers, Filler by frequency campaigns have higher priority.



The simple filler is created automatically with creation of your user account. This filler is always active, it cannot be stopped or created again.

This filler is always targeted to all screens. But one can choose when and on what screen resolutions filler ads should be played back.

Simple fillers fill up empty timeslots only in playlists with Adhere frequency policy.

Filler by frequency

Unlike the simple filler, Filler by frequency allows to create new filler campaigns targeted to certain screens, they have campaign duration, frequency and other settings, unavailable for the simple filler.

Fillers by frequency fill up empty timeslots in playlists with Adhere frequency, Exceed frequency and Decrease frequency policies.

If you have active ads in both the filler and the Filler by frequency campaigns, the priority goes to the latter, while the simple filler fills up timeslots when there are no Filler by frequency ads available.

To create a Filler by frequency campaign, go to the Advertising page, click the New campaign button and select Filler by frequency strategy from the drop-down menu.

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Сreating Filler by frequency campaigns is no different than creating Campaigns with automatic strategy.

Сreating filler ads in Auto by frequency campaigns is no different than creating Ads in automatic campaigns.

Filling all screens

To fill vacant timeslots on all screens bind files to all resolutions in the Content and resolutions section when creating filler ad.

Filling certain screens

To fill vacant timeslots on certain screens bind filler ad to certain resolutions in the Content and resolutions section when creating filler ad.

Not filling screens

If you don't want to fill vacant timeslots with media content, just don't create ads in the filler. When there are no filler ads, nothing will be played back on screens in vacant timeslots.