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A unit of advertisement. Includes one or more media files with different resolutions for screens with corresponding proportions or resolutions.

Ad settings

Settings for ad’s playback on screens such as: duration and cost of an impression, week days and location specification.

Ad campaign (Campaign)

A campaign is a series of ads related to each other: the same event occasion, holiday season discounts and alike.

Campaign settings

General overall settings which apply to all the ads in a campaign. Include: date, time, week days, frequency, location options.


Cloud service for effective digital screens management and content distribution. Consists of products: CSCloud, CSController and CSPlayer.


One counted time when the ad is displayed on a screen.

Interactive ad

Type of media content in an HTML5 format that brings you incredible opportunities of creating advertisements to display flexibly changing information: weather forecasts, currency exchange rates, news headlines and so on.

Media file

A media file is a file of the following types: image, video, zip archieve, website.

Media content

All the content that distributes to the screens.


The impression stream.

Tag of a company

Unique identity number of a company in the CityScreen service.


Element of a Playlist. One slot contains one ad and has a duration of the ad it contains. Slots can’t be empty.


List of ads to be played back on a display or displays. Consists of one or more slots arranged in specified order. Relates to one or more schedules.


Plan of media content play back. Has individual settings. Relates to one or more screens.