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Problems and their solutions

CSPlayer tool bar doesn't open

Possible solutions:

  • Launch the player app as Administrator.

  • Check launch arguments, if they are used.

  • Delete cache in the folder %userprofile%\AppData\Local\CityScreen\CSPlayer and launch the player again.

CSPlayer tool bar opens and after some time closes, the cityscreen-player window doesn't open

Possible solutions:

  • Check the compatibility of the cityscreen-player bit-version and Windows bit-version, if the versions are not compatible – download compatible player versions.

  • Reinstall the player, make sure that the offered K-Lite Codec Pack and the C++ library are installed.

  • Manually launch cityscreen-player.exe (it's in the /lib/player folder of the installed CSPlayer). If the player opens when you launch it manually, ask our support team.

CSPlayer tool bar opens, but an error pops up when the cityscreen-player attempts to open

Possible solutions:

  • Update video card drivers.

When the player attempts to open, an error jet runtime has detected unrecoverable error pops up

Possible solutions:

  • Close the window and relaunch the player.

The player opens, but the screen is black / videos don't play

Possible solutions:

  • Check whether this screen has media plan: generate a Cyclogram for this screen, and if it's empty, then this screen has no media plan. Generate a media plan for this screen.

  • Check whether the codecs are installed.

When you enter the PIN to connect the player, an error Authorization error pops up

Possible solutions:

  • Generate new PIN and enter the generated PIN into the CSPlayer.

  • Make sure you select the correct Region when you connect the player (China for China, Global for other locations).

When you enter the PIN, an error Your player version is ... . Supported version is ... . Ask administrator for help pops up

Possible solutions:

  • Ask our support team.

If nothing helps, ask our support team.